The Program, which has started education with the title of School of Maritime Business and Management in the body of the Dokuz Eylül University as the first higher education program in Turkey concerning maritime business administration, aims to meet the qualified manpower requirements within the context of maritime related interests of Turkey and the philosophy of total quality management.

Department of Maritime Business Administration was founded in 1988. Graduates take part in the maritime industry effectively and have the opportunity to be employed internationally. The Department is responsible for performing scientific research in the related disciplines as well as providing the industry with training and consultation services. The fundamental aim is to provide the students with maritime ethics and values, critical and analytical thinking, self-discipline, self-confidence, social responsibility, team working, lifelong learning, managerial and leadership qualifications. With this respect employee involvement and improvement of the quality of work life are the basic principles.

The Program is carried out by the department of Maritime Business Administration at Tınaztepe Campus. The medium of instruction of the Program is English language. Its curriculum covers such main fields as Business Administration, Law, Basic and Professional Maritime Studies, Maritime Business, Logistics and Transportation. EA scores, received on the University Entrance Exam conducted by the Assessment, Selection and Placement Center (OSYM), is considered in enrollment for the Department. Therefore, those entitled to get enrolled to the program but lack English language competency are exposed to one-year intensive English Prep Program. In 2011-2012 academic year a joint B.Sc. diploma program with the Maine Maritime Academy of the U.S.A. was started.